Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance

We can provide 5 star rated health insurance through Vitality for both you and your family. With many benefits available that reward you for being healthy.

Some benefits include:

  • Extended Cancer Cover

This is included within Core Cover and covers all eligible costs associated with cancer, once diagnosed. There are no limits applied on the use of biological therapies, hormone or bisphosphonate therapy. Extended Cancer Cover also provides cover for pain relief at the end stage of cancer.

  • Vitality GP

Vitality GP offers you GP access at a time and place that suits you. Using Vitality’s GP app you can talk directly to a Vitality GP and have a private GP video appointment.

If you need a referral to a consultant, the Vitality GP can organise this for you.

Health Insurance for Companies

Healthy Employees are good for your business!

Not only do they take less time off sick, they are also more productive than employees in poor health. If your employees also see that you care about their health and wellbeing, research has shown that they are more loyal as a result.

Vitality Health helps your employees get healthier

With their health and reward partners, your employees can get healthy, fit, and feel good. Vitality Health can help your employees understand their health and suggest ways in which to improve it. Your employees can get discounted gym membership at Virgin Active, Nuffield Health, and David Lloyd, sign up to Weight Watchers at discounted rates. Weekly Cinema Tickets and Starbucks coffee if they get active as a reward.

If your Employees get ill – they will be looked after

Vitality Health ensures your employees get the best possible medical care when they need it most.


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